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Order Family Values now!

***coming soon an ecommerce page for Family Values for game purchases!***

Real Talk book is also available!

Family Values:


That Gets Families Talking

10 Reasons to Play “Family Values”


1. Allows families to listen to each player’s ideas, thoughts and feelings


2. Invites understanding as players listen to each other’s ideas, thoughts and feelings


3. Allows families to respect each other’s ideas, thoughts and feelings in a non intimidating environment


4. Encourages more dialogue about player’s life experiences and journey 


5. Allows family members to get to know each other even better 


6. Allows families to share stories and information that other family members might not have known


7. Allows families to share their morals and values on interesting topics without feeling uncomfortable


8. Allows the playing field to be leveled between parent and child as both answer personal questions


9. Invites honesty between family members while learning more about each other’s point of view


10. Allows for a safe environment to talk about real issues while discouraging negative comments and criticism. 


** Allows a great time for families to create memories while being entertained by each other. 

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