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Parent/Student Workshops



  • Diagnosis/Classification ABC’s- Maximize their Potential  

  • Discipline 101 & 102- Behavior Change Strategies 

  • My Crazy Life- Balancing Parental Responsibilities

  • Did You Hear Me?- Effective Communication (parent/child)

  • Did They Slip Through the Cracks-Effects of Divorce  on children

  • Now Where’s that Handbook?-Parenting Education 101



  • Ten Parenting Strategies

  • Morals, Morals and More Morals- Building Character

  • Who Am I? -Building Self-Esteem/Self-Concept/Body Image

  • Raising Successful Minds

  • Bullying: the Epidemic

  • Raising Children in an Internet (Information) World



  • The Need for Restrictions: Importance Limitations and Boundaries

  • Using Emotional Intelligence with our Children

  • Getting Along: Conflict Resolution

  • Motivating Children for Better Results (School/Home)

  • Teen Dating: It’s All About Relationships

  • What Is Social Emotional Development and Why is it Important



  • Letting Go; The Fears and Facts of Graduation/College

  • Keeping the Momentum After High School

  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

  • Let’s Talk Money (with our children)

  • Parents Nightmare: Sex, Drugs and Alcohol 

  • Unstoppable Girls with Coach Caryl


Professional Development/Staff & Teacher Trainings/Schools/Non-Profits



  • Conflict Resolution

  • Stress Management

  • Getting More Parental Involvement

  • Team Building

  • Motivating Students for Better Results

  • Bullying (Victim/Bully)

  • Cultural Competency

  • Using Emotional Intelligence with Our Students

  • Enhancing/Recognizing the Resiliency in Our Children

  • Decision Making

  • Building Self Esteem In the Classroom

Student Workshops



  • Bullying (Effects/Why Bully?)

  • Building Self Esteem

  • Character/Integrity Building

  • Mean Girls: The Drama of Being a Girl

  • Career Goals

  • Getting Along: Conflict Resolution

  • Why Can’t I Get Along with Parents

  • Teen Dating/It’s All About Relationship

  • Can I Survive After High School?-Life Skills

  • Decision Making/Being Proactive

  • Resiliency and Life Chances

  • Do You Have a Successful Mind?

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