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Staff Training Testimonials


“Great training on Working with Clients with Mental Health Concerns…I left feeling more confident about working with clients who suffer from mental health concerns…"

~ Vanessa-Staff at a NJ Non Profit Organization



"The training on Motivating Parents to Get More Involved was interesting and helpful. I learned more ways to engage the parents of my students that I didn't use before."

~ Sherri - 8th Grade Educator


"I got a lot from the training Motivating Students For Better Results, the presenter had a lot of energy and kept us interested in the material."

~ David- 5th Grade Educator


“The staff in-service Training on Reactive Attachment Disorder was very informative. Kumari brings her enthusiasm and professional experience to the table when it comes to dealing with children in crisis…”

~ Belinda-Staff at a NJ Hospital- Atlantic Health Systems


"Ms Davis' Team Building Training was interactive and interesting. I enjoyed getting to know my colleagues and the activities were fun. The training is very appreciated during a stressful (school) year."

~ Denita- 11th Grade Educator



Book Testimonials


“Becoming a new parent is very exciting, but scary when you have no clue what to do or what to expect. This book breaks down ways you can help raise successful kids. It hit alot of critical points that are important to ensure you’re giving your child the best from yourself as a parent!!!"

~ Chen


"Real Talk is about learning parenting roles and what it means to a child. The author provides real life examples, which provide a clear understanding that parenting is a full-time job. Yes, parents do make mistakes but learning from them helps parents become better in their parenting skills. I applaud this author for acknowledging the needs of not only children but parents as well and being willing to give guidance where it is lacking. It was refreshing to read an inspirational self-help book written by a professional with real life experience in the subject. I recommend this book to others."
~ Teresa


"I'm 5 months pregnant and wanted to get a jump start on healthy parenting suggestions from someone who has been there-done that. Every now and then a book comes along that is more than just a book- but a 'game changer'. Real Talk is a must read for anyone who wants to raise their children SUCCESSFULLY and maintain sanity in the process. What I love most is the creative approach the author uses to weave both personal and professional information together in a powerful way to guide you through the rough spots of parenting that hang many of us up. Invest in this book and you'll reap the benefits a million times over."

~ Vitesh



Parent Workshop Testimonials


“I learned a lot from Kumari's workshop.  Just by refocusing on my son's positive attributes and remembering to praise him for his successes, we have opened more doors of communication between us and have been experiencing tangible, positive results."
~ Tara- Mother of 3


“I am the mother of a 9th, 7th and 2nd grader.  I attended the Parenting workshop for help with my adolescents as we often clash when it comes to their academic performance and my expectations.  Kumari helped me to change the way I communicate with my sons by giving me practical statements and questions to use when trying to engage them.  She stressed the importance of “empowering” my children which was a concept I honestly had not considered. 

~ Sabrina- Mother of 3


"Kumari was so dead on with the concerns I have with my son. I have been yelling way more than I should and will make more of an effort to respond rather than react to his behaviors".

~ Pam- Mother of 2


"I didn't realize that so many other parents were going through the same thing I was going through. Coach Kumari was so relatable it was easy for all of us to engage and ask questions."

~ Shekina - Mother of 1


"Great presentation, I feel like I have more options when it comes to communicating with my teen age daughter."

~ Daryl - Father of 3



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